Window Treatment Trends for 2021

Window Treatment Trends For 2021 That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Now is a great time to be thinking about window treatment trends for 2021. It’s also a great time to revitalize your home’s interior. The interior furnishings and finish of your home will determine your level of comfort as you spend time relaxing in your home. Let’s face it, most of us are spending more time than ever before inside our homes.

window treatment trends

Current Trend Overall

A strong trend in architecture right now is toward modern and contemporary designs. This trend is influencing many aspects of design and especially home decor. In 2021 the focus will be on elements that complement the modern and contemporary home designs that are currently in style. You can choose to be at the forefront of interior decor style by choosing window treatments that complement current design trends. Here are some of the window treatment trends for 2021 to keep you on top of the game.

Consider Adding a bit of Technology

Everything these days revolves around technology, and you do not want to be left behind. Window treatments are no exception, as automated window treatments have become a very popular window treatment trend.

Controlling window treatment systems from the comfort of your couch is something that you cannot ignore in 2021. Automation and motorization are becoming the perfect touch while improving the homeowner’s quality of life. They work to bring comfort and modernization to the living room. They can be convenient in the kitchen when it comes time to block out the afternoon sun. In the evening hours, they offer great convenience when it comes time to close off the view of bedroom windows.

Technology and modernization is the key these days. Many manufacturers have embraced the technology therefore automated window treatments are readily available in a variety of styles. Many of these automated window systems are well suited to the modern and contemporary designs that are so popular heading into 2021. These systems make a lifestyle statement and take comfort and convenience to the next level.

More Technology to Visualize Your Project

In addition to automating your window treatments, technology can help you visualize what your finished room will look like.

Today, visualization tools are becoming more and more available. You can see yourself in the glasses you consider purchasing. You can see what some article of clothing might look like on you. Well, window treatments are not left out of this revolutionary technology trend. In conjunction with our manufacturing partner Grabar, we offer a visualization tool so you can see what your finished window treatment project will look like. If you’d like a step-by-step of how to use the visualizer, please see our post:

Consider Fittings and Curtain Rods as Decorative Elements

Decorating your windows should be an important part of your furnishings and enhance the look of the interior of your home. They should be thoughtfully considered, along with selecting the right materials for your floor, ceiling, walls, and furnishings for your room.

One element that designers are focusing on in 2021 is window treatments as a single integrated solution. That means every detail of your window treatments is critical, and you need to consider everything as essential.

When decorating and accenting your home, think about how having a well thought out window treatment system will complete the room’s look and feel. Consider how your choices will make your room look attractive and give a feeling of comfort. That leads you to consider using curtain rods and accessories as part of a decorative and stylish solution. Thus, you can choose curtain rods and hardware matching and complementing the curtains, shutters, and other elements of your decor. This approach will give a complete window system that looks elegant and classy.

Consider the Timeless Look of Shutters

Window shutters are gaining popularity with styles like the retro, neoclassical and nautical styles. These window solutions bring character to your window treatments and add an elegant look to your interior space. One great thing about modern shutters is the ease of control. The current designs made of natural wood with moisture-resistant finishes and a completely synthetic shutter allow for wider use than ever before.

For example, you can use shutters in the bathroom these days without worrying about the effects of water or steam. Modern synthetic materials do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they have become much more versatile in terms of where you can use them. Modern materials and processes allow for a timeless style that will endure the test of time. Wooden and synthetic shutters offer style and beauty in a multitude of locations.

Consider Window Treatments that Add a Pop of Fun

One consideration with modern and contemporary designs is that they can make space feel a bit stark. One way to add some pizzaz and take the edge of the room is pom tassel curtains.

Pom tassel curtains are a popular window treatment style that anyone can try regardless of your space. They bring a playful, happy-go-lucky mood to any room. They come in many different colors, and you can choose the colors that add glamour to your space. Their eclectic look might be just the thing to soften a stark space.

Consider Combining Window Treatments

Another window treatment trend these days is combining the use of both curtains, along with blinds or shades. This combination allows for very unique styles.

Your window plays an important role in letting in light. Effectively controlling the amount of light can add or subtract greatly to or from the room’s ambiance. At the same time, your window treatments hold the role of decorating your room. Thus, when you choose your window treatments, think of combining window treatments that will provide a balance of functionality while delivering a stylish feeling.

If you require a very high degree of light filtering, consider adding black-out liners to or under shades so that the level of light filtration and privacy can be adjusted as needed. This option makes a good solution for that time of year when the light comes in early, and you may not want to be up with the sun.

Combining window treatments like shutters with window film can be very handy. You can keep the shutters open, letting lots of light and having a clean look while maintaining privacy with a frosty window film. This is a great solution for people that want shutters in a bathroom.

Combining window treatments allows you the opportunity to have great functionality and, at the same time, showcase your style and lifestyle.

Always Trending is Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficient cellular shades continue to be popular. They lower your electric bill by blocking heat out in the summer months. They also keep warmth in during winter cold. Cellular shades are the most energy-efficient type of shades, for more information, read our post:

One very nice thing about their popularity is that cellular shades are being made by a large number of manufacturers. This popularity means that you can find energy-efficient cellular shades in lots of colors and textures, and they are also well suited to today’s modern and contemporary designs.

Always Up On Window Treatment Trends

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