Top Kitchen Curtain Styles in 2020

Kitchen Curtains as a Focal Point

Kitchen Curtains, they are a must! At first glance, curtains create a focal point and add style to any window. Since we begin and end our day in the kitchen there is no better place to accent your home with style. Whether you are looking for a sleek and simple look or something more festive and energetic, kitchen curtains are a great home decor addition. Not sure where to start? Learn more about the top kitchen curtain styles in 2020.

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Kitchen Curtains- Protect your Home

Light Filtration and protection from harmful rays are among the many benefits of curtains. UV rays from the sun penetrate through the window of your home and do more damage than just increasing your electric bill. Over time these rays will fade furniture and flooring inside your home. Curtains block these rays and their harmful effects. Curtains are available with several different light filtration options from translucent to black out. 

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Privacy and style, there is no reason they cannot go hand in hand. Kitchen curtains allow for added privacy when desired without sacrificing style. Café style curtains allow you to enjoy the view while sipping your morning coffee all while hiding the fact that you’re still in your robe. Further, Café style curtains begin halfway down the window covering only the bottom half of the window.

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Top Kitchen Curtain Styles of 2020

Choosing the Best Curtains for your Kitchen

Modern Style Kitchen Curtains

So… How do you choose the best curtains for your kitchen? Let your inner style loose.  Are you looking for a modern look? Kitchen curtains with a tabbed top are a great option.

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Classical Style Kitchen Curtains

Looking for something with a more classical feel? Look no further than pinched pleats.

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Casual Style Kitchen Curtains

Short length kitchen curtains provide a more casual feel. 

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Long Length Kitchen Curtains

If you have a larger window or one located in a dining area, longer length curtains are an ideal choice to add style to your indoor living space.

top kitchen curtain styles 2020

Kitchen Window Coverings

If traditional curtains are not your style check out these other categories of alternative styles of Kitchen Window Coverings

  • Shutters 
  • Valances
  • Cellular Shades
  • Roman Shards
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Sheer Shades
  • Wood Blinds
top kitchen curtain styles 2020

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