Plantation Shutter Window Treatments

Plantation Shutters A Timeless Choice

Plantation shutter window treatments originated with the ancient Greeks, and they have been one of the most beautiful ways to enhance windows ever since. The clean look of shutters has stood the test of time as they are the perfect addition to any room, no matter the style.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Particularly popular in the south, shutters not only add value to your home and pop to your room, but they also offer added security and privacy when closed. In addition, Shutters utilize rotating louvers that provide flexible light control and protect your room from harsh UV rays. UV rays coming through a window fade furniture and flooring over time. Finally, Plantation shutters substantially reduce the damaging rays from reaching your interior furnishings and floors.

Wood Shutters

Shutters are available in a range of styles, materials, and shapes therefore, they are extremely versatile. Composite and wood shutters are the two most popular choices. Wood shutters offer the natural warmth of rich woodgrain. While wooden shutters provide the strength and durability of wood, they require some Tender Love and Care. Wood shutters are venerable to chipping, scratching, and may if not correctly cared for in high moisture environments. Wood shutters are available in an array of natural or stained finishes.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are available in solid louvers, just like wooden shutters. However, they do withstand high-intensity sun and humidity without cracking or warping. Color choices are more limited for composite shutters as they are not available in wood grain finishes.  

Louver Width

Louver width changes the look of each plantation shutter project. Wider louvers offer a more magnificent view of the outdoors. 3.5” louvers are the most popular as they are a middle ground between width options. Louver size is project-specific. Interior style, as well as exterior curb appeal, should all be considered when making final selections.

Plantation shutters from Eastern Interiors

Custom Fit Perfection

Because Eastern Interiors measures each plantation shutter you are ensured that the window treatments will fit perfectly. Unlike other window treatment options, plantation shutter window treatments are available for more than just standard window sizes. Custom shutters from Eastern Interiors fit multi-teared windows, arched windows, and French doors.

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