Outdoor Living & Retractable Awnings

Outdoor Living & Retractable Awnings, A Match Made In Haven

Life in the south, palm trees, ocean breeze, sand in your toes, salty kisses, outdoor living, what’s not to love? The only thing that comes to mind is having to move the party indoors.

Eastern Interiors

Eastern Interiors recently relocated our family from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to beautiful coastal North Carolina. We are excited about this move and we love our new home! Personally, I love natural light and lots of windows. As a result, our new home’s windows endures the summer sun all afternoon. So in addition to concrete overlay on the patio, a retractable awning from Sunsetter was a top priority on our to-do list.

Why Outdoor Retractable Awnings

Why was an outdoor awning a top priority for us? We love being outside every chance we have. We enjoy playing with our one-year-old son, reminiscing with family, and entertaining friends. Outdoor awnings extend the useful life of our outdoor living space. Additional benefits for us include protecting the interior of our home and consequently reducing our cooling costs. Retractable awnings allow us to add additional shade to your yard and patio. Our awning reduces the intensity of the midday sun and has eliminated the necessity to add a permanent rooftop. Finally, adding our awning has reduced the temperature of living space several degrees and reduced our energy costs.

Summertime Weather

We have quickly learned, with the summer heat come afternoon showers. Further, we didn’t want a little drizzle to put a damper on our summer fun. Our awning makes sitting outside in a light drizzle very pleasant.

Our windows were letting in the natural light that I loved, but consequently, the direct sun was increasing our cooling bills. Further, the sunlight was exposing our floor and furniture to harsh UV rays. A retractable awning allows us to enjoy the same light without the intensity of direct rays. Our new awning thereby protects our floors and fabrics from fading while protecting our wallet from high cooling costs.

sunsetter outdoor retractable awnings
sunsetter outdoor retractable awnings

Top Quality Made in the USA

Today, there are several companies that offer outdoor awnings, so you ask, Why Sunsetter? Sunsetter Retractable Awnings are made in the USA. Above all, Sunsetter is the largest awning manufacturer in America. Consequently, they have brought smiles to over 500,000 satisfied customers. Sunsetter awnings use industry-leading Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella manufactures beautiful and functional fabrics since the 1960s. Their largest factory is located in South Carolina.

Sunsetter retractable awnings

Special Offer

Extend your outdoor living space with retractable awnings from Eastern Interiors and Sunsetter. Contact us today to discuss and special offers or promotions on manual and motorized awning models. https://easterninteriors.com/#contact