Motorized Window Treatment Solutions

Modernized Window Treatment Solutions – Blind and Shade Controls- Cordless Lift, Motorization, Voice Control

All window treatment solutions from Eastern Interiors are custom made to fit windows or doors perfectly. Not only are all window coverings built to spec for each customer they are customizable with many additional options and features. Mostly all are available with motorized window treatment solutions. Light filtration linings in addition to a large selection of color choices, create the look you have been dreaming of for your home. Top-down, bottom-up features allow for privacy yet, at the same time, allow sunlight in from the top. Additionally, cordless lift, motorized functions, and voice control are available options.

Cordless Lift Option

Gone are the days of long, hideous cords having from your windows. Hanging cords are not only unsafe, but they are also a magnet for dirt and dust. Therefore almost all window/doors coverings offered are available with a cordless option. Now through the end of April, cordless options are available as a free upgrade for all Eastern Interiors customers. Most importantly, keep the small children in your home safe from long hanging cords!

Photo Credit: Norman Smart Drapes

Motorized Window Treatment Solutions

As a result of technology, many have become accustomed to automation in many aspects of our daily lives. Your window treatments should be no different. Graber, Norman, and Hunter Douglas all offer motorization upgrades on all window coverings. Raise the shades in the morning or close the blinds at night, all with the press of a button. Mobile apps make it easier than ever to adjust the light and privacy in any room. Does your daily routine have you up before the sun each morning? Custom apps allow you to set preferences and control your window coverings on a preset schedule.

Voice Control

Didn’t think it could get any better? Somfy and Alexa are now the perfect match for your window coverings. “Alexa, open the blinds in the living room.” Using MyLink for Somfy Alexa is at your service. If you do not have an Echo product in your home already the Somfy MyLink upgrade will link with other smart devices or smart home services.

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