Energy Efficient Blinds and Shades

Energy-efficient blinds and shades from Eastern Interiors and Graber will help to keep money in your pocket this summer.
energy efficient blinds shades
energy efficient blinds shades

Energy Efficient Blinds and Shades

It’s that time of year, Summer is on its way!! Are You Ready?

Energy-efficient blinds and shades from Eastern Interiors and Graber will help to keep money in your pocket this summer. Graber blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies offer much more than just beautiful window treatments. Since Graber blinds and shades are manufactured to fit each specific window along with professional installation by Eastern Interiors, Graber window treatment solutions will transform the comfort and performance of your living space.

Window treatments reduce energy costs

When you select the right window treatment, you can reduce energy loss and create greater home comfort all year long.” Also, be prepared for the summer sun with our information post, “Which Type Of Blinds Are The Most Energy-Efficient? ” for more information about Energy-efficient blinds.

Solar Heat Control

For the same reason that solar energy in the summer months makes your rooms hot and uncomfortable, it is also driving up air conditioning costs. Window treatments manufactured by Graber and installed by Eastern Inters help to control solar heat from entering your home.

Choose quality – choose Graber

Graber Blinds have stood the test of time with over eight decades of time-tested quality in product manufacturing. Also, Graber’s lifetime limited warranty makes the decision to combine beauty and energy efficiency much easier. So with Top-quality products, expert installation and cost savings, how can you go wrong? Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Draperies all have energy and cost-savings benefits. Additionally, they add style and privacy to any room in your home. Harsh UV rays go hand in hand with Southern Living.

Protect your investments

First of all, properly fit window treatments not only reduce your energy bill, but they also protect your furniture and flooring from UV rays and reduce the effects of fading. Visit Graber’s website to learn more about “The Beauty of Energy-Efficient Design” by Graber Blinds. Don’t miss this opportunity to reduce your energy bill by 64% this summer. As a result of well-fitting window treatments, the savings will extend far beyond the summer. Finally, the same window treatments that protect you from the summer heat will also reduce your energy bill this winter by insulating your home against the dropping temperatures.

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